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Jon is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Alberta Canada. He has spent much of the last two decades working with sound in various forms. From performing with bands, to teaching, to running a freelance recording studio, he has experience in many different realms of the audio world. His interest in music began when he was young, as his parents would often gift him and his siblings with tapes, CD’s, and eventually, the hallowed Nintendo 64. From there, he began to teach himself drums, bass, guitar, and piano.


After deciding to pursue music as a career, Jon began attending MacEwan University in Edmonton Alberta. Though he entered as a drummer and received a diploma, Jon’s passion for composing drove him to continue his studies. Eventually he completed a bachelor's degree in music composition. In his time studying composition, Jon learned how to arrange, write, and orchestrate for many different types of ensembles including: jazz combo, pop bands, big bands, and full orchestra. During his time at MacEwan, Jon performed with various ensembles. Most notably was the MacEwan Percussion Ensemble. While playing for the ensemble, Jon learned to play dozens of new instruments. His time at MacEwan led him to gain interest in music technology. From there he acquired an understanding of the fundamentals of sound.

He was also taught about various DAWs, how to edit, produce, record, and score to film. At the opening of the new arts campus, Jon was asked to set up one of his art installations, which was an interactive piece of art created using 4.1 surround sound, MaxMSP, and a well balanced pendulum structure.


After a few years working on solo projects, freelancing, and gigging. Jon decided to further his education and attended Berklee College. Here he received a certificate in Game Audio Design and Production. During his time at Berklee, Jon would learn how to use middleware such as FMOD and Wwise. He was also educated in the gaming industry and wrote a game design document for an original game. He is continuing to work on one of his student projects developing a game in Unity.


Currently, Jon is continuing to work on his portfolio as well as develop programming skills with C#.

For more information, feel free to check out Jon's LinkedIn account here.

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